ICN2 OKP – From top-down to bottom-up: Introductory notes on the preparation of micro and nanostructures

Following latest publications on ICN2 Open Knowledge Program, below is the complete program for this second series on nanofab.

These are free seminars at ICN2 auditorium. Come along!

Session Date Time Tutor Title
1 Wed, February 18th 12h Claudia Simao Block copolymers: a versatile toolbox to prepare periodic nanostructures by self-assembly
2 Wed, February 25th 12h Nikos Kehagias Advanced Nano-manufacturing techniques
3 Wed, March 4th 12h Mary Cano Trends in Micro- and Nanoencapsulation


4 Thu, March 12th 12h Mª Jose Esplandiu Top down lithographies for the fabrication of electronic and
electrochemical devices
5 Thu, March 26th 12h Inhar Imaz Coordination polymers
6 Thu, April 9th 12h Borja Sepulveda Combined top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication techniques for nanophotonic, nanomagnetic and

 nanomechanical applications


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