Nanofibrillated cellulose: major overall assessment of physico-chemical properties for novel applications!

We have a just published paper on the optical and mechanical properties of NanoFibrillated Cellulose entitled:”Optical and mechanical properties of nanofibrillated cellulose: towards a robust platform for next-generation green technologies.” by Simao et al.

This material is extracted from cellulose, the most abundant biopolymer in Nature, and is usually extracted from algi, bacteria, birch pulp, etc!

We find that the pristine quality of this form of cellulose gives it exceptional mechanical stability to the environment (with reversible behaviour under different moisture conditions!). We also studied its mechanical constants in detail and assessed quantitatively its optical bandgap via absorbance and cathodoluminescence.

We hope that the quantification of NCL properties we report here helps to extend its application in devices.

You can read it online following the link of the image.


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