Merits and honors


-Premio NanoMatMol de la Real Sociedad de Quimica 2012

(NanoMatMol Prize 2012 to best PhD thesis in Molecular Materials)

-Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat de la UAB en Ciència de Materials

(UAB Prize for the best PhD thesis in Material Science in 2011)


Cover articles

-Nature Chemistry, volume 3, issue number 5, 2011.

-Nanotechnology, volume 25, issue 7, 2014.


Press releases

-Featured Marie Curie FP6 fellow in UE Research & Innovation book ” From face-to-face: portraits of Marie Curie fellows“. doi nr: 10.2777/87638


-ICN news caroussel about phd prizes.


– CSIC and ICMAB press release of the Nature Chemistry article as a scientific highlight.


– Image Analysis of BCP Line patterns paper



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