Granted projects


  1. eScaled – European School on Artificial Leaf. EU H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 (Funding ID 765376)
  2. Ulimpia – Eureka Penta (Label ID ULIMPIA 16101)
  3. Stea-PoC Agencia de Ajuts Universitaris de Recerca (Funding ID EMC/2590/2016)



  1. Mineco “Interacciona”: smart printed labels for packaging.
  2. Mineco “3Delecprint”: development of printed electronic circuits by spray coating.
  3. Mineco “Microrep”: development of large area surface functionalization with encapsulated compounds.
  4. Mineco “Iluminio”: development of printed electronics on aluminum substrates.
  5. H2020 “Optogenerapy”: development of printed optoelectronics circuits for therapy-on-chip for cancer.